July 13, 2015

just making sure everyone is offended by something today

Have a rotten day! 😆


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October 30, 2014

Need a good laugh?

I can’t believe that I watched this, but it is damn funny. Very weird, very gross, but damn funny if you watch to the end…

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February 24, 2014

Alec Baldwin an Epic Fail of a teachable moment.

Just when I thought the Neanderthal was going to have an a Epiphany and see the true origin of the politics of division that cast him out of his beloved Party of Sycophantic Hypocrites. But to no avail- his denial of the true source of his problems is as pathological as is his denial of his obvious anger problem. Harvey Levin, Breitbart, Ailes and Fox News are the problem.

So now he is in self-imposed exile from whatever- I thought he was moving to Venezula, Switzerland, Canada or some shit when GWB got re-elected but … He’s still a Registered Democrat.

The word-thought-mumble crime police busted him.    GUILTY.

December 31, 2013


Perhaps the new slogan for tourisn in Canada should be:


November 18, 2013

I soooo caught this live…

All is well in Northern IL after yesterday’s storms. Yarbz and I were in post JuggFest football watching mode yesterday when the dang tornadic activity began and the Bears game was delayed by two hours (good call by them, it was dangerous). He and my wife both witnessed this event when I yelled, “is that a man buttfucking a cow in that sign in the corner?”. My wife paused the pic and Yarbz took a picture. He is convinced in was a sheep and not a cow. Surprisingly, Ed Curran did not mention it and they did not use that picture again. We had a very good laugh.

November 1, 2013


Some crazed Pittsburgh teacher who passes out in class after imbibing heroin gives a “Roll Tide” when being hauled away. WTF?

June 19, 2013

Is “Climate Change” changing again?

On Saturday something very important happened. China Translated their 1,200-Page Rebuttal refuting the concept (and science) of the Climate Change Agenda. Chinese scientists have strived to distance their selves from the Government structure (Scientists are scientists) and this study is lauded as more validity to the growing support to this position on the shifting climate. It is not logical to state that humans are the cause of “climate change”. Out of the 4.567 BILLION years of earth’s existence you are going to tell me that since the industrial revolution that began in the in the 1700’s (being generous) humans have polluted the earth so badly that it has actually had any significant effect on the atmosphere. That’s .000000001125% of the Earth’s span. It would more logical to blame ALL flatulant animals than one species- yet I doubt that the cause is there at all. “Climate Change” as Al Gore defines it DOES NOT EXIST. Out of 4.5+ BILLION years don’t ya think it’s impossible to even establish solid baseline on what the actual weather patterns have been for even half of that? We need to take Politics and Big Business out of science IMO- this is ALL MO BTW.

As a LOL to this who thing the scientists have taken the “hit a wall- turn left” approach to pollution. Now it is the source of AUTISM!!!!

As long as there is profit in “green” alternatives, these studies will be funded.  It’s only logical…..

Even bearded Spock agrees….

June 14, 2013

George Zimmerman (who killed Trayvon Martin) trial jury is interesting

From Huffington Post:

The most notable jurors include:

•An apparent transplant from the 1800s who referred to Trayvon Martin as “a boy of color.”
•A young landscaper who said, “I’m not a person who really cares about other people.”
•A local resident and “Law & Order” junkie who was disappointed the shooting happened in her town: “This really didn’t need to happen in Sanford.”
•A young arm-wrestler, and apparent conspiracy theorist, who remembers the shooting because it happened the same day he did his first one-armed pull-up. “I have a dark view of the media … I don’t want to be brainwashed,” he said.
•A middle-aged female who is married to a retired police officer, gets her news from AOL, and believes in the right to carry arms. “I think he was just defending himself … I consider myself better educated. My opinion is pretty firm,” she said.
•A Hispanic man who said Zimmerman is guilty because he broke God’s law: “The 10 Commandments say don’t kill.”
•A member of a pro-Travyon Martin Facebook group who was apparently caught trying to sneak his way onto the jury.
•A potential juror who said he gets his news from Fark, a partner of HuffPost Weird News.


June 5, 2013

Rice appointed as National Security advisor (adviser- take your pick)

President Obama adds another to his Human shield of females.



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