February 2, 2016

Not an obit: RIP Carson, O’Malley, Huckabee, Fiorina, Kasich and hope

It is time to turn this blog back into a political machine. Instead of obituaries of Rock Stars and iconic figures from our youth, we turn to politics as usual following the Iowa caucuses.

Iowa has spoken. It’s a virtual tie for the democrats. Bernie pulled off a stunner against Hilleroid. It has got to sting and feel a little like 2008. That was when Barry Obama started to become a pain in Hilleroid’s rear. The fact that Bern got half and she got half leaves O’Malley (the most presidential looking of the bunch) making his exit. He is likely to return as a running mate…

Iowa has spoken and they got it dead wrong. Cruz? Ted fucking Cruz? Wow Iowa. Just wow. I liked Trump’s comments this morning. I like that Rubio came-in third (he’s going to be someone’s VP on a ticket). I think that my guy is still Jeb. Looks like he is a huge underdog, but there is a long way left to go. Trump will do better in New Hampshire and perhaps Jeb too and then the real contest is on. Is there a split coming to the party? Stay tuned…this might get really good or it might be a big ole sloppy hog-shit shower.

Iowa has spoken and they gave us the latter last night.

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December 31, 2013


Perhaps the new slogan for tourisn in Canada should be:


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December 17, 2013

Jason Dufner putts sideways


I thought this was very funny. The last line of the story is funny too.

June 5, 2013

Rice appointed as National Security advisor (adviser- take your pick)

President Obama adds another to his Human shield of females.



January 21, 2013


I submit that teens are dangerous and laws should be enacted banning teens and requiring background checks for all people interested in obtaining teens…


January 17, 2013

Manti Te’o and his imaginary zombie GF

Hats off to Deadspin for this fantastic and amazing article. Even if they guy was duped or was the victim of a sick hoax, the story is phenomenal and a brilliant piece of investigative journalism (which we thought was dead). Notre Dame has known about this since December 26, the day after Manti did not get what he wanted for Christmas (a real flesh & blood gf or bf??) and a couple of weeks before the BCS Championship. Clearly, they were in on the spin, if not a full-fledged cover-up. How will this story effect his draft status? He allegedly only learns of the hoax when the dead gf called him again to say that she was no longer dead (i.e.: a zombie?).

Let’s the jokes begin.:

Brent Musberger thinks Manti’s gf is HOT.

Manti and his GF were also strangely missing from the BCS Championship game.

To his credit, he didn’t treat her badly and didn’t double-tap her after sex.

I have had imaginary gf’s before, but nothing quite so elaborate. Usually, they last about five minutes. OK, maybe four.

At least AJ McCarron’s gf (an Auburn student) is real and comes to his games.

Future POTUS?

Soon to be drafted by the Los Angeles NFL franchise.

“These Te’o jokes are all very funny but let’s all try and remember that a person who never existed is dead.” – Seth Meyers

Please add any you would like in comments…

January 4, 2013


Check out this story from WFSB in CT:

HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – A new bill being proposed would make public all the names and addresses of handgun owners in the state of Connecticut.

The bill, introduced by state Rep. Stephen Dargan of West Haven, would make the information public under Connecticut’s Freedom of Information Act.

The bill would reverse a decision to keep the information private.

Dargan told Eyewitness News that he wanted to start the conversation on gun reform.

He said the information would be valuable for parents and help them make decisions on what friends’ homes they would allow their children to visit.

YARBZ: Not only would this be ‘help’ to parents deciding on which homes their kids can visit, it’ll help criminals and ne’er–do–well’s all across the state when deciding on which homes to visit… The Connecticut State Legislature… What a bunch of retards.


December 5, 2012

A gift every spouse will love!!! Thanks Costco!!!!!!

Wow… gift ideas to beat the band… A Vacuum!!!!! “He got me a vacuum!!!” No doubt it’s sex all around! Now get the DAMN HOUSE CLEANED!!!

November 15, 2012

Fee Bay for dummies

Back in late Summer I got an email from Ebay talking about some changes they were making to their user Agreement. It also said they were adding a clause about agreeing to arbitration blah blah…. it also stated that you could opt out by sending written form to an address in Utah (mash that link for a WTF). I thought nothing about it. I wasn’t doing much business there. I have been selling plastic model kits at a site like ebay but it’s free. It’s called ecrater. The problem is that no one ever sees it. It doesn’t get much traffic although it’s tied into Google. Anyway I was making a majority of my sales through several different modeling forums (fora?? -that’s another story) on the interwebz. Anyway not long after the email I came to the realization that the economy was not conducive to maximizing the profit potential of the product in my inventory. These aren’t the 2.00 airplane and tank models from the days of our youth. These are highly sophisticated kits made for skilled modelers.

So I realized what was “Brand X Scale Model Kits” had to come to an end. So I decided to liquidate my inventory and some model kits I had set aside in my personal “stash”. I loaded the forums with a list of the products I had in my stash and sold a good amount for a slight profit loss. At least My storage unit was emptying and there was money in my bank acct no prob. So when I reached a certain level I decided to return to “feebay”. Then I found out why I received the email announcing the user agreement change and the subsequent identical announcement from Paypal (also owned by Ebay) although the opt out forms go to a different address.

Once upon a time Ebay was a place where a small business person could sell or auction items for a reasonable up front fee. Then they got larger got a new CEO bought Paypal and morphed Ebay into the Bearded Spock version of what it used to be. FEE BAY (but I was not aware of this).

So I started selling stuff and things were going at quite a pace then I checked my bill from Ebay after I looked at my Paypal account and the numbers didn’t add up.  That “reality” prompted me to investigate. Apparently this is how Fee Bay is working now:

If you sell through Fee Bay they get 9% off what you get 9% of what the buyer pays for shipping from YOU then on top of that Paypal gets the 4% on top of that.

So you sell something for 45.00 and 8.25 shipping (you paid for listing at least .50 then goes up)

total- $53.25 (minus paypal’s 4%)
$51.12  ( 9% of 45.00- 4.05  and 9% of 8.25 =.74 Total= 4.80)

$46.32 Now you have to pay for the shipping 8.25

$38.07 (minus the listing fee .50 and other fees)

$37.57 is what you end up with in your paypal acct. when you asked $45.00 (well with the listing you agreed to $44.50-43.20 given the Paypal cut) for your item.

Increasing the price means NO Sale.  Padding the shipping expense means ripping people off and Ebay gets all of what you might get away with their 9% shipping value fee.

That is the magic of Fee Bay and Paypal unveiled.

This is why I opted out of the arbitration clause on the new PayPal user agreement.   I smell a major Class-Action coming for Ebay and Paypal… but precedent is not promising given previous rulings in earlier Class Actions.  But I have sold everything I needed to and have one 1/72 Chinook A for $10.50. After this I am out for good. Pretty much breaking even and having some free models for my own hobby.

Bad thing about making a business out of your hobby- you can’t do both in a one BR apt.  Now back to the hobby.  I’ll post some pics of some of my models soon I am a mediocre modeler but I now have time to bleed (from Xacto cuts) and glue!!! Glad to be back!! — Dane

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