September 23, 2014

What the fuck?

I was shocked to see this: Shocked!


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April 8, 2014

Whaddya think of this punch?


The puncher has good form and great follow through. He seemed to use the biggest knuckles to deliver the blow. It seemed to be effective. The punchee is clearly heading for the floor and perhaps unconsciousness. What we do not know is whether he is fighting for Ukraine or for Russia, but this is starting to get good.

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April 4, 2014

This made me LOL


Dog video of failure to land. Might also be called an early launch. It is only 26 seconds, but made me chuckle at least.

January 30, 2014

Cats fighting kids

CATAGORIES: FASCINATING,HUMOR,OUCH!,Poodah Ben Purr,VIDEO — FloridaBill @ 3:16 pm

This made me laugh. I normally don’t do cat videos, but this one is worth a few moments.

Who knew that they hated little kids so much?

The kid at the very end deserves what the cat gives back.

December 18, 2013

SIU Basketball Coach Barry Hinson goes OFF

CATAGORIES: OUCH!,SPORTS — FloridaBill @ 12:29 pm

Wow. SIU Basketball Coach Barry Hinson went off on his team in a post game presser that provided some memorable lines. It is worthy of a listen just to hear him say “mama’s boys”. Go Salukis :roll:

Here is a link to the video version. I am not sure how to re-open the comments on this post nor how they got closed in the first place.

December 14, 2013

HOLY SHIT. Bruce Jenner getting his tally wacked off (permanently)


Make it stop…. But he’s starting to look a lot like Renee Richards…


Renee+Richards+nY8e7vpd8Rvm  Woah….

July 11, 2013

Failures of the year (so far)


Got 18 minutes or so to watch some epic failures of 2013? Some are very funny. Most look painful.

January 21, 2013


I submit that teens are dangerous and laws should be enacted banning teens and requiring background checks for all people interested in obtaining teens…


January 17, 2013

Manti Te’o and his imaginary zombie GF

Hats off to Deadspin for this fantastic and amazing article. Even if they guy was duped or was the victim of a sick hoax, the story is phenomenal and a brilliant piece of investigative journalism (which we thought was dead). Notre Dame has known about this since December 26, the day after Manti did not get what he wanted for Christmas (a real flesh & blood gf or bf??) and a couple of weeks before the BCS Championship. Clearly, they were in on the spin, if not a full-fledged cover-up. How will this story effect his draft status? He allegedly only learns of the hoax when the dead gf called him again to say that she was no longer dead (i.e.: a zombie?).

Let’s the jokes begin.:

Brent Musberger thinks Manti’s gf is HOT.

Manti and his GF were also strangely missing from the BCS Championship game.

To his credit, he didn’t treat her badly and didn’t double-tap her after sex.

I have had imaginary gf’s before, but nothing quite so elaborate. Usually, they last about five minutes. OK, maybe four.

At least AJ McCarron’s gf (an Auburn student) is real and comes to his games.

Future POTUS?

Soon to be drafted by the Los Angeles NFL franchise.

“These Te’o jokes are all very funny but let’s all try and remember that a person who never existed is dead.” – Seth Meyers

Please add any you would like in comments…

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