September 23, 2014

What the fuck?

I was shocked to see this: Shocked!


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September 7, 2014

Been thinking of and missing


Dirk lately…. Wonder where his mind is on today’s US?

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August 19, 2014

Great Speech Coach!

It has been a while, eh?

I am re-employed now at another small cubicle company that does insurance and has its home office in Pennsylvannia, but not in Pittsburgh.

I read this Little League Coach’s speech to his team after losing. Pretty impressive. Right? Pretty impressive indeed.

This is what youth sports should be all about.

May 2, 2014

Weeks in review

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The pic above was inspired by a similar one taken and posted some time ago by Sal Uki. That Great Stuff just keeps giving even after you are done with it.

Lots of happenings in my life over the past few weeks.

I became a grandfather on 4-11.

I was laid off from my job on 4-15; the same day of the blood moon, it snowed here and it was tax day. A fairly eventful day.

My full time job is now finding a full time job.

I decided to post here just to give myself a little break. Back to it.

April 8, 2014

Whaddya think of this punch?


The puncher has good form and great follow through. He seemed to use the biggest knuckles to deliver the blow. It seemed to be effective. The punchee is clearly heading for the floor and perhaps unconsciousness. What we do not know is whether he is fighting for Ukraine or for Russia, but this is starting to get good.

Huskies 60, Wildcats 54

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Hats off to the U-Conn Huskies who beat the Kentucky Wildcats Freshman last night for the NCAA Championship. A seven seed won the whole thing beating an eight seed. Congrats to U-Conn!

Tonight, U-Conn Women may make it a sweep in their game with the Notre Dames.

April 4, 2014

This made me LOL


Dog video of failure to land. Might also be called an early launch. It is only 26 seconds, but made me chuckle at least.


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March 28, 2014

Unbeatable Republican ticket for 2016

CATAGORIES: 2016 Presidential Election,POLITICS AND POLITICIANS — FloridaBill @ 8:05 am

Jeb Bush/Condoleeza Rice

Dayton v Stanford

Yes, I know that isn’t Jeb Bush. I met him in November. They are they only team that can prevent Hillaroid from reentering the Whitehouse. Comments?

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